I have a basement that leaks badly and would like to get it waterproofed, but my friends have told me it cannot be. Can it be waterproofed?
Yes, your basement can be waterproofed. Our Hydro-Static Pressure Relief System installed in your home will give you a dry, carefree basement for the life of the property.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes! Due to 100% proven performance records, we guarentee all of our waterproofing for the life of the property. Our guarentee is transferable to the next owner if you should decide to sell your home.

Our friends had their basement waterproofed five years ago by a contractor who gave them a lifetime warranty. Their basement is still leaking and that company has gone out of business. How do we know that you provide a better service and will stay in business?
Case Waterproofing Systems has been in business since 1944 and as the oldest waterproofing company in the tri-state area, we have perfected quality. We encourage our customers to call the Better Business Bureau at 502-583-6544.

I know several people who repair leaks. Do you think they could repair my basement as well as Case Waterproofing Systems? If not, why?
Every year during the Spring and Fall rains several new waterproofing contractors start their businesses in the tri-state area. Most of them are opportunists looking for a fast buck during peak periods and general contractors whose businesses are slow and are looking for a sideline business. Waterproofing is a complicated and dificult business and should not be left up to a part-time contractor or people with no proven expirience in the field.

What about price? Is it expensive to waterproof my basement?
If you are hoping that a cheaper price will do the job, we cannot help you. There are alot of people around with limited or no experience that will give you a "cheap" price. The cheaper price is not always a wise choice. Workmenship, materials, and guarantees are the difference that will set us above and apart from other waterproofing contractors. Our prices are very reasonable for the quality of work that our company provides. Please check our "promotions" page for discounts though.

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